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Not all postcards perform the same. We have conducted over 75 marketing tests on over 2 million postcards identifying content and designs that generate the most listings.   We then fully customize both our postcards and video scripts for you using these test results for maximum performance. That’s why our video-infused postcards generate as much as 10x results over standard real estate postcards.

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Learn how Agent Dominator’s performance postcards get 10x results over standard postcards

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Description:  Our Just Sold / Just Listed postcard service is a special service that automates the sending of Just Sold / Just Listed postcards to the homes you want to receive them.  Simplify your life — mail Just Sold postcards anytime you want simply by sending us an email.  No sites to log into, no photos to upload, and no lists to hassle with.  No long-term contracts — pay only when you request a mailing.

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Circle Marketing is our flagship service used for the most common types of Just Sold / Just Listed mailings.  Once your account is set up, simply email us a photo and address of any sale you want mailed, and we do the rest.  We create the postcard, acquire the addresses to the closest homes, and mail your postcard automatically.  Purchase online.

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Repeat Marketing is similar to Circle Marketing, except rather than us acquiring a list of addresses for each mailing, during your setup you provide us a list you want to send periodic Just Sold / Just Listed mailings to.  This is typically a list you are already marketing to, such as a geographic farm or personal contacts, and you simply want to augment your marketing periodically by sending another Just Sold / Just Listed mailings whenever you want with ease.  Purchase online.

Description:  Our AUTOMATED, video-infused postcard service lets you fully automate your marketing to any list using state-of-the-art video technology to maximum results. Works for any list — geographic farm, past clients and sphere of influence, niche market, or other. Using a simple setup process, we script your videos, you record them via Zoom, and we “infuse” them into fully customized postcards for an automated, “set-it-and-forget-it” marketing system for the entire year.  All of our services can be purchased on a month-to-month basis.

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Description:  Our commercial property postcard service lets you fully automate your marketing to most any commercial market sector — such as multifamily, retail, and industrial — in a “set-it-and-forget-it” format.  Using a simple setup process, we fully create your entire marketing for the year.  Once you approve the postcards, we do the rest and automatically mail your postcards throughout the year so you can focus on selling property.  All of our services can be purchased on a month-to-month basis.

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Commercial Property includes our performance postcards to generate new properties to sell in any specific commercial market sector.  It includes fully customized postcards and simple training on Best Practices to maximize results, and guaranteed sales or we’ll refund your money.

Description:  Our agent attraction service lets you fully automate your marketing to attract new agents to your brokerage.  Using a simple activation process and pre-created attraction marketing tools, you can place your agent attraction marketing on a “set-it-and-forget-it” format.  This service is sold on a 3-month contract term.

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Click for:  Attraction Dominator

Attraction Dominator is our flagship service for agent attraction.  It includes a series of pre-created performance postcards to attract agents who are frustrated with their broker and thinking about changing.  Using our StealthTracker™ technology we notify you who they are, and automatically direct them to a powerful, pre-screening video to create intense interest to learn more.  This service can be used by agents with eXp and other agent attraction type brokerages.  Includes a money back guarantee on recruiting agents.  Purchase online.

Description:  Co-branding lets you to cut your cost in half by sharing your marketing with a mortgage or title partner who is branded on your postcards with you. It’s an easy way to maximize your marketing dollars. Available on all services except Just Sold and Agent Attraction postcards.

How to do it:  Co-branding is easy.  Just follow three simple steps:

  1. Ask your mortgage or title partner to co-brand with you
  2. Select the postcard service you want to use with us
  3. When you purchase, select the “I have a co-brander” box and provide your co-brand partner’s name and contact information

Once we receive your order we will contact your co-brand partner to finalize details.  Please let them know we will be reaching out to him or her.

What makes performance postcards work better?

What makes our performance postcards outperform
standard postcards by as much as 10x results?

Our performance postcards outperform standard postcards by as much as 10x!  How?…

The answer lies in rigorous marketing tests.  We’ve conducted 75 tests — 21 split tests, 37 additional message tests, and 17 design and layout tests — on over 2 million postcards to identify what generates the most listings.  We have conducted more tests that any other postcard company in the real estate field.  Our performance postcards are designed around what has proven most effective in the field.  The key elements are listed below…

Get our FREE report – “The TOP 5 secrets learned from our testing!” 3 of the secrets each produced 800% MORE than the control group. Click NOW to get the report!
Get our FREE report – “The TOP 5 secrets learned from our testing!” 3 of the secrets each produced 800% MORE than the control group. Click NOW to get the report!
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Consistent history of record-breaking results since 1997

Beatty Carmichael, Founder and CEO

About Beatty Carmichael and the
history behind Agent Dominator


Beatty Carmichael is a consistent, top-performing marketing expert.

While building his own telecom distribution business in the 1990’s, he experimented and perfected key marketing approaches that supercharged his sales.  In 1997 he then formed the business that now powers Agent Dominator today.  His first client was a large telecom company, and using his proprietary methods they increased new client activation revenues by $5 million a month within 28 months.

Over the first 15 years, Beatty continued testing and improving his marketing systems.  Clients using his services routinely beat their previous sales records, with sales teams often doubling and tripling their production in as little as 4 months.

In 2012 he focused the company’s efforts exclusively on the real estate industry, and the beginning of Agent Dominator was birthed.  He mailed over 2 million postcards, conducted 21 split marketing tests, 37 additional message variations tests, and 17 design and layout tests, to determine what message, fonts, headlines and layouts produced the most listings.

Applying the results from these tests, his first postcard product was Listing Grabber.  Listing Grabber was a revolutionary, “postcard-on-steroids” approach to geographic farming that successfully (and to the surprise of his agents) identified sellers before they came on the market.  It was so successful that many agents using this approach earned around $100K or more in their first 12 months in geographic farms they had never marketed to before.

Since the early days of Listing Grabber, Agent Dominator’s product lineup has improved and expanded into other areas, including developing cutting-edge technologies that further increase listings and sales for its clients.  Agent Dominator has also expanded from being focused solely on geographic farming to now helping agents increase sales and referrals from past clients and sphere of influence, to helping commercial brokers acquire new properties to sell, and more.  And with sustained results year over year, Agent Dominator’s premium services have created another “first” in the industry — guaranteed results in the listings and sales you make, or a full money back refund.

Beatty and his company have worked with and earned the respect of some of the top Realtors in the country — individuals earning over $1 million a year GCI in personal production, to leaders of teams who do 100-300 transactions a year, and other teams that range from 800 to over 2,100 transactions a year.  In addition to being the chief marketing expert, Beatty also publishes a marketing blog and podcast named that is committed to helping agents get more listings and growing their business through simple, best practices in marketing (see blog link at the bottom of this page).

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Agent Dominator provides real estate marketing postcards for Just Sold postcards, geographic farming, past clients and sphere of influence, and commercial investment property.  We help real estate agents do seller leads lead generation, identify sellers before they come on the market, and provide other real estate marketing ideas, products and strategies to help realtors generate more sales.  Motivate seller leads is a part of real estate prospecting, and Agent Dominator helps you generate more real estate seller leads using postcards branding, flyer, letter and templates.  Realtors who are looking for real estate postcards, and real estate marketing tools to grow their realtor business, we have the solution for you.