Circle Marketing™

Turn your sales into new listings…  guaranteed or 100% of your money back!

Circle Marketing™

Turn every sale into another listing.  Guaranteed listings or 100% of your money back!

What is Circle Marketing?

Circle Marketing™ is a special service that automatically sends Just Sold postcards to the nearest homes surrounding a sale you have made.  Use it to generate one new listing for every 4 to 5 sales you make, regardless of whether you are the seller’s agent or buyer’s agent on the sale.

For the typical agent, Circle Marketing™ can produce $5,000 to $12,000 in commissions for every $1,000 invested in marketing.

And with our StealthTracker™ technology, we guarantee a minimum of 2 listings from 10 mailings or 100% of your money back.

To learn how it works, pricing, and more, watch our Circle Marketing™ explained video below.

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(Note:  if there is a discrepancy between pricing in the video and that listed above, listed above is current).

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee a minimum 2 listings when you do Circle Marketing mailings around 10 of your sales (buyer or seller side), or we’ll refund 100% of your money on those mailings.  Simply mail 150 homes on each mailing and use our StealthTracker technology to identify sellers before they go on the market.

What’s so unique about Circle Marketing that we can guarantee listings when other Just Sold postcard companies cannot?  It’s because after conducting 58 marketing tests on over 2 million postcards, we’ve perfected the messaging and StealthTracker technology that consistently works.  And we stand behind it.

Getting Best Results

Maximizing the number of listings you get with Circle Marketing is based on one key thing.  And that’s what Beatty Carmichael shares on the short training video below:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I provide you my photo and logo for the postcards? When you sign up for Circle Marketing, there is a place on the account activation Order Form where you will upload your photo and logo as part of the sign up process.

Do I provide you the list of addresses to mail to each time? No. Simply provide the address of your sale, and we’ll acquire the addresses for you.

How many addresses do I mail for Circle Marketing?  You can mail as many as you want, with a minimum 75 addresses.  We recommend around 150 addresses or more, especially if you want us to guarantee your results.

Can I review the mailing list on Circle Marketing before you send my postcards? Yes. Before we mail your postcards we send you the address list to review and approve.

Do I get to proof the postcards before they go out?  We send you a copy of the postcard as soon as we create and process it.  If there are any changes you need made, simply email us back and we’ll make them.

What size are the postcards? Jumbo (6 x 8.5), printed on high quality, glossy, 100lb cover postcard paper.

Can I see examples of your postcards?  Yes.  We show you examples in the video overview, and also in the signup process (before you submit your account activation Order Form we provide images of the postcards so you can approve them).

Do I get a copy of the postcards mailed to me?  Yes.  On the account activation Order Form we ask for your mailing address so we can include you on every mailing.

How long does it take for a postcard to arrive in the mailbox? Usually around 2 to 2.5 weeks.

What is the landing page mentioned in the video?  When we use StealthTracker to identify sellers, we entice sellers to learn how much their home can sell for in today’s market — this is the #1 question on sellers’ minds.  When they respond we send them to a landing page branded to you, with a form they can complete to request a CMA.  If they complete the form, it is emailed to you to so you can follow up.  But regardless of whether or not they complete the form, our system has already identified exactly who they are simply by them landing on the page.

Does this work with Just Listed homes as well? Yes. Simply let us know the photo you are sending us is a “Just Listed” home and we will update the postcard to be a Just Listed postcard.

Do I pay extra for printing or postage? No. Our price includes all costs — printing, postage, mailing, everything.

Are there any long-term contracts? No.  This is a “pay when you use it” service.  If you don’t use it, you don’t pay anything.

I have additional questions — what’s the best way to get them answered?  The best way to get questions answered is to email us at

Standard Postcards

Sample message side:  The template can be color-matched to your brand.

Sample address side:  We offer two options on the address side.  The first option uses our StealthTracker technology to identify sellers (enticing sellers to scan the QR code or visit the URL).  The second option does not use StealthTracker.

Custom Postcards

If you are a Premium service client using our Turbo Geo Farming or Turbo Referrals services, we can create fully customized cards around your brand.  Matching your unique brand makes your Circle Marketing cards stand out even more.  Here’s an example from one of our clients…

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