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2 years’ worth of professionally written Marketing Postcards to mail to your farm

Get high-res, ready-to-print PDFs of 24 of our most powerful, marketing postcards to mail to a geo farm. Titled “Selling Secrets,” they set you apart as the expert on selling homes for the most money. Created exclusively for our clients by one of the TOP copywriters in the geographic farming industry, they are designed to easily upload to any online printer and mail every month to your farm for 2 years.

Geographic Farming Secrets LIVE 

This is a powerful, 3-part, 2.5 hour live mastermind training by Agent Dominator CEO and farming expert Beatty Carmichael with industry sales expert Isaiah Colton. Recorded live with an exclusive, top-producers private Facebook group, this training walks you through step by step how to quickly master geographic farming.  Includes everything from marketing basics, postcard marketing, little-to-no cost marketing techniques that produce tremendous sales, converting prospects to seller clients, identifying sellers before any other agent knows about them, and more.

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