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Everything you need to get listings fast is included in my “Get Listings In Your First Month” pack …

As promised, I want to talk about how to get listings in your first month.

As you probably know, there are two ways to build a farm … Slow, and fast. 

Slow gets your first listing in 1 to 2 years.  Fast gets your first listing in 1 to 2 months

So, if you want to get listings fast, I want to share with you my special “How to get listings in your first month” pack.

Yeah, I know. That’s a snazzy title, isn’t it? I thought of it myself! (laugh)

All the people I’ve helped generate $100,000 in their first year with geographic farming had 4 things in common.  And those 4 things are what I’ve put into this “How to get listings in your first month” pack.  It’s everything you need to get listings fast.

  1. How to Select a Farm that will make the most money

You see, farms are like stocks — a few will make you tons of money, but most will do nothing.  You’ve got to pick the right farm if you want to make money fast. 

So the first thing you get in this pack is how to pick the right farm.  And it’s really easy if you know what you’re doing.  There’s a special formula that takes 3 pieces of data from your MLS to let you know if the farm you’re looking at has the potential to get listings immediately and make you a lot of money.

It took me a couple of years to master this formula.  We then built it into an excel spreadsheet.  All you do is enter that information from the MLS into the spreadsheet, it lets you know which farms can make you the most money … and which ones won’t.  And I’ll give you one secret now — it’s NOT the turnover rate! 

  1. “Listing Grabber” postcards that grab listings immediately

Now, this is something really cool! Before I started doing geographic farming, I spent 15 years helping thousands of sales reps turn their businesses around.  I helped one client generate $5 ½ million in new revenues a month, I helped sales teams double and triple their sales in 4 months, and I blew the minds of regional and national sales managers when they saw what their team started to do because of my work with them.  And all of that was with a special type of high-tech marketing I developed.

So when I started working in geographic farming, I said, “this is easy! All we have to do is apply the same technology we did and these other industries, and we can identify people thinking about selling before any other agent even knows they’re thinking about it.”

Think about that for a second. If you could go into a geographic farm and know which homeowners would be selling their home before any of your competitors knew, could you get more listings? Of course you could!  And that’s exactly what our clients did. Starting the very first month.  Let me explain…

We did over 21 split marketing tests, then tested another 37 message variations, and did this over 2 million postcards mailed, to identify the exact postcard messages that work best. When it was all said and done, there were only four postcards that actually worked.

We then took those postcards and embedded some special technology into the postcard that had never been done before, and now, we identify sellers before anyone knows they are coming on the market.

What it did for our clients was amazing!…

Nelson earned $99,000 in his first year.  Fran earned $100,000 in her first 6 months.  Scott earned $90,000 in his first 3 months.  And Stuart earned over $125,000 in his first year.  And all of this because they knew which homeowners were planning to sell first.

So that’s the second thing you get in this “How to get listing’s in your first month” pack. You get high-res PDFs of these very same postcards that drove millions of dollars in commissions to our clients! And by using them you’ll get listings immediately, too!

  1. Listing Leads Conversion Kit that converts 9 TIMES more listings

This is a special kit we developed for our clients to help them get more listings.  When you get leads from the Listing Grabber postcards it takes a special follow up to make it work.  Before we mastered it with our agents, our average agent only got 1 out of every 10 listings we found.  Once we perfected this Listing Leads Conversion Kit, the agents using it right were getting 9 and 10 listings out of every 10 we found.  That was a 9 TIMES increase in converting those prospects to listings! It was a game changer.

And what’s really cool is you can use it with ANY listing appointment you have, and win even more listings yourself.

  1. 8 part training on “How to make REAL money in Geographic Farming “

This is an amazing, 8 part training over 7 hours I did on “How to make real money in Geographic Farming.”  This gives you, from beginning to end, everything you need on how to get listings fast and earn a 6-figure income in geographic farming.  It’s an amazing training that will help you get listings your first month and make you a lot of money!

Now, if you were to buy all this separately — if you could even buy it — it would cost you thousands of dollars. 

To put this in perspective, just the two million postcards we mailed in perfecting the Listing Grabber style postcards cost around $1 million to print, send out and manage.  The Listing Leads Conversion Kit took years of effort to perfect and make it work. And that doesn’t even include the trial error on creating the formula to pick them most profitable farms.

There’s a lot here, and it took a lot to get it here.  And even if you spent thousands of dollars to purchase this, with the listings you’ll get and the money you’ll earn, it would be well worth it.

But, it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. For a limited time, I’m practically giving it away for only $47.

You get everything you need to get listings in your first month. And not only that, you get a one-year 100% money back guarantee. Take this pack for a test drive. Experience it. If it’s not everything I say it is, then return it and get all of your money back, even up to a year from now. You have absolutely no risk to get it now.

But hurry, because this is a limited, one-time offer, and once you leave this page, you’ll never see it again.  

So if you want to turn your business around with geographic farming, go on and get this now.  The cost is little, and you’ve got one full year to test drive it and get your money back.

Do it now, and get listings immediately!

Limited Time Offer:  Just $47.99

You are fully protected by our
1 year, NO RISK, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Actual, amazing stories from a few of our clients and what the “Listing Grabber” style postcards have done for them (these are the same postcards included in this pack)

Who is Beatty Carmichael, creator of the “Get Listings Immediately” pack?

CEO of Agent Dominator, Geographic Farming expert, creator of this content … and an overall nice guy

About Beatty Carmichael and the history
behind this “Get Listings Immediately” Pack

Beatty Carmichael has been a professional marketer since 1997 when he started his business that powers Agent Dominator.  He has helped sales teams and organizations grow beyond their wildest expectations.  His passion is that type of marketing that gets consumers to respond, either as a lead or to actually purchase a product or service. For 15 years he worked in a number of consumer industries — accounting, legal, telecommunications, health-and-fitness, weight loss, travel and vacation.  In each one he helped drive in new leads and sales, helping his clients break sales records.  He has helped sales teams triple their production within 4 months, helped one organization increase sales by $5 million a month in revenues within 28 months, and helped thousands of individual sales agents make significant increases in their personal income.

In 2012 he decided to focus the company’s efforts exclusively in the real estate industry. Since then he has had the privilege to work with some of the top Realtors in the country — individuals who earn over $1 million a year GCI personally, to leaders of teams who do 100-300 transactions a year, and other teams that range from 800 to over 2,100 transactions a year.  With their open mindedness and a willingness to explore and test, he has worked with them to pioneer vastly improved ways of consistently generating seller leads and converting them to listings from almost any list.  With their involvement he conducted over 58 marketing tests determining exactly what works best to convert the most listings from their marketing.

Beatty Carmichael’s original focus began with geographic farming. He pioneered a never-done-before marketing process that consistently identified sellers before they came on the market. But many of his clients had a challenge in winning the listings. So he worked with them to create an automated process and content to convert those seller leads to actual listings. Over time that led to creating more robust follow up methods to convert home valuation seller leads, eventually leading to increasing sales from sphere of influence and past clients, and even commercial properties.

To brag a little, Beatty has helped our clients achieve outstanding success. One agent was farming a 1,900 home farm and represented less than 1% of the market when he started with us. 18 months later he had 22% of the market, outselling the #2 agent by over seven times. Another agent was targeting a list of 936 contacts. With our help he got about one listing a month for the first 5 months, and by the 10th month was getting 2 to 3 listings a month. Another 20 year agent was on the verge of quitting when she engaged us. Within six months she had learned about $100,000 through our efforts, rejuvenating her business.

The “Get Listings Immediately” pack is a culmination of much of what Beatty Carmichael has learned about mastering geographic farming and getting listings immediately. Purchase it now … you have NO RISK with our 1 year 100% money back guarantee.

Protected by our 1 year, NO RISK, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Brands from just a few of our clients…

You are fully protected by our 1 year, NO RISK, 100% Money Back Guarantee

The “Get Listings Immediately” Pack

Field tested and proven to consistently generate more listings faster, saving you time, effort and money! Includes our ONE year, 100% money back guaranteed!