After doing 78 marketing tests on over 2 million postcards, here are the TOP 5 things that generate the MOST listings the quickest!  Watch video below…  

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Getting a consistent flow of new listings starts with knowing what to do. These TOP 5 secrets to generating listings makes it easy…

As a real estate agent, one of the most important things you’ll ever do is learn to generate a consistent source of listings in any market condition.

I’ve worked with thousands of the top real estate agents in the country — many who do over 200 transactions a year and lots who do between 50 and 100 transactions.

They all come to me for one reason — I know how to get listings.

I have conducted over 75 marketing tests on over 2 million postcards, identifying what generates the most responses the fastest.

And out of that I’ve carved out the TOP 5 things that work the best. They are fast, simple, and generate listings.  And three of the five produced 8 TIMES more results than the control group they were tested against.

If you want more listings from either past clients and sphere of influence, geographic farm, or any other list, these TOP 5 things will help you get more listings… faster.

And the best part is they are easy to do!

To help show you what they are and how to do it, I created a short video.  On that video I show you each of the five things and how to do them yourself.

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