eXp Recruiting —
3 simple steps to recruit agents to eXp

Looking to do eXp Recruiting?  Here are 3 easy steps to recruit almost any agent to eXp. It’s part of our Attraction Dominator system. It makes eXp recruiting simple for anyone.  Click the button below to go to the correct page on our site.

About eXp Recruiting

Recruiting agents to your eXp Realty business doesn’t have to be hard.  Recruiting agents and attracting them is not new.  With an approach we developed for other organizations over 15 years, we’ve created a simple way to recruit agents to your eXp business.

The recruiting approach hinges on a simple idea:  get agents interested in the benefits of eXp before talking to them about eXp.

We call this approach Attraction Dominator.  It’s an entire system of how to approach prospects for eXp Realty, then resources and videos from other eXp agents who “help” you recruit them by explaining the value of joining eXp Realty.

The bottom line is simple:  to do agent recruiting, all you have to do is ask a one-sentence question and text them a link.  Attraction Dominator does the rest.

Learn more about how to make eXp recruiting easy, click the button above to watch our shot demo

About Recruiting Agents to eXp Realty

Recruiting agents is actually a sales process, and that’s why most agents fail at it.  Most agents just aren’t “salesy” recruiters.  But if you separate “inviting” from “recruiting,” you can make it easy.  And this is what the Attraction Dominator system does.  By separating “recruiting” from “inviting,” it makes agent recruiting easy!  Check it out today.  Click the button above.

Neither Attraction Dominator(tm) nor Agent Dominator(tm) are affiliated with or licensed by eXp Realty.  We provide marketing systems to grow agents’ businesses.