This powerful, 36-word, script has a proven, 93% success rate in setting 30 minute, “let’s get to know each other” appointments with any realtor you call.  Watch video below…  

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Building new relationships with real estate agents starts with a phone call. This cold calling realtors script makes it easy…

Purchase loan referrals are the lifeblood your business.  And probably one of the most important things you’ll ever do is learn how to connect with realtors as a loan officer to build new relationships.

The more realtor relationships you have, the more purchaser referrals you get.

And if you are like most loan officers, you have probably tried to set meetings with realtors… and failed.  It’s hard to get them to meet with you.  Why?

The simple reason is you usually you don’t have a good “hook” — a value proposition that gets them interested enough to meet with you.

I know.  I’ve written and tested hundreds of scripts, most with no success.

I eventually wrote a short, 36-word script that has turned into a gold mine when it comes to getting in front of realtors.

And… it has a 93% success rate in scheduling 30-minute face to face meetings.

It’s been tested with top producers doing more than 200 transactions a year all the way down to small producers doing 10 transactions a year. It doesn’t matter who they are — it works the same.

It’s so powerful that it grabs their attention and compels them to meet with you.

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