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Unlock the secrets to massive quantities of new listings, immediately, with our StealthTracker™ Technology Pack!

StealthTracker™ is a revolutionary technology we developed that identifies sellers before they come on the market so you can get the listing FIRST.

It’s so effective, of all the agents we’ve helped earn as much as $100,000 in their first 12 months in geographic farming, more than 87% of them did it because they used this technology!

Without this technology you’re waiting on sellers to call you to list.  With this technology you get to call them FIRST to ensure you get the listing!

StealthTracker™ works with most any marketing you do — postcards, video email blasts, drip email campaigns, and more.

Here’s how it works…

(for a quick demo, watch the video above — it’s really cool!)

When homeowners think about selling, they have lots of questions.  StealthTracker™ offers to answer those questions by providing a special website to go to.  When sellers go to that site, our technology electronically (and legally) pinpoints their EXACT street address, and they never know they’ve been tracked.  That’s why we call it StealthTracker™.

We then notify you who they are, so you can follow up immediately to get the listing!

StealthTracker™ is the most essential and effective tool you can use to get new listings in geographic farming. Period.

What you get with the StealthTracker™ Technology Pack

The StealthTracker™ Technology Pack includes 4 powerful tools to increase your listings:

  1. our StealthTracker™ technology for use with your marketing$795 Value
  1. the SAME postcards, with this technology already “built in,” our other agents used that gave them listings immediately and helped them earn $100,000 in their first 12 months in geographic farming$475 Value
  1. our custom “Listing Leads Conversion Pack” designed to convert StealthTracker™ sellers to list with YOU.  When our agents started using this pack properly, they increased the number of listings they got by 9 TIMES!$375 Value
  1. a specialized twice-monthly email campaign with StealthTracker™ built into it, so you can stay in front of homeowners more frequently and identify more sellers$600 Value

The StealthTracker™ Technology Pack is a total value of $2,245.

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You might be asking, “do I really need StealthTracker™?”

To be honest, you can earn $100K in your first 12 months in geographic farming without our StealthTracker™  Technology pack.  Others have done it before… but only a few.

However, more than 87% of the agents we’ve helped earn $100K in their FIRST 12 months did so entirely because of StealthTracker™.

So why risk it?  It costs only $197 with this special offer, and it practically guarantees you’ll get MORE listings.

Also, your purchase price is fully covered by our NO RISK, 1 FULL Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee.  Purchase it.  Take it for a full test drive and try it out before you commit to keeping it — use the StealthTracker technology in your marketing, test out the email campaign with your list, use the Listing Leads Conversion Pack with your next listing appointments and experience its impact.  If you don’t get MORE listings, simply return it and get 100% of your money back… for up to 1 full year from today.

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$2,245 Value. 
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