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A proven, cold market Agent Attraction system.  Guaranteed to attract agents or your money back!

Automate your Agent Attraction and focus back on selling homes!…

How it works

Attraction Dominator™ is a proven method to attract agents in the cold-market — either agents you don’t know well or may have never met.

Using proprietary marketing technology, Attraction Dominator™ identifies agents throughout the year who are getting frustrated with their broker and thinking about changing.

We then push a special, custom video to them to learn about your brokerage, and simultaneously notify you who they are so you can follow up. By the time you call, they have seen the video and want to learn more!

With years of proof and over 11,000 agents attracted in a single year, we guarantee your results with our process or will refund 100% of your money.

Watch the “Autopilot Attraction explainedvideo below to learn more…

How cold market attraction works … and how it has attracted more than 11,000 agents in a single year.  A “must see” video! …

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Review our Attraction Cards

Watch the video below to read, review and approve our Attraction Cards:

Attraction Video and Demo Site details

Review our Attraction Video

Review a Demo Site

A note of clarification is needed for this demo site.  Attraction Dominator is a lead generation system to identify agents thinking about changing brokers.  As soon as agents respond to the postcards to watch the Attraction Video above, we instantly notify you who they are.  Then, at the end of the video, they can complete a lead capture form to learn more.  At that point, our system redirects them to any site you want.  The demo site you see below is a site created and hosted for an eXp agent who freely shares it with others.  When you sign up for Attraction Dominator, you can either choose to redirect agents to this site or provide another website where you prefer them to be directed.  Or, if you don’t want to redirect them, we can post a short “thank you” message and let them know you’ll be reaching out to them soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to provide you the list of agents to target? No, unless you want you.  If you provide the list all we need is their name and mobile number, and we can acquire the home addresses for you (we only mail to home addresses).  The cost is $0.65 per address — for 100 agents, it would cost $65.

If I don’t have a list to target, how do you get a list for me?  If you don’t provide us a list we can acquire one for you.  The process is simple.  When you sign up for Attraction Dominator we have a field for you to tell us how many agents you want to target, the city where you want to target them, and from what brokerages you want us to find them.  From there, we’ll harvest an agent list from those brokerages and match their home addresses.  The total cost is $0.85 per agent (and that includes their home address) — for 100 agents, it would cost $85 to acquire the list.

How does the money back guarantee work?  Our guarantee is simple.  Essentially, all that is required is to do “best practices” in attracting agents with our system:  use the system for 12 months to give agents we market to time to know why to change brokerages to yours, and attempt a couple times a year to reach out and introduce yourself to those agents.  Do these things and we guarantee you’ll recruit 2 out of 3 agents who change brokers, or we’ll refund your money back.  See full details as you fill out our account activation form.

How does agent-exclusivity work?  We only allow Attraction Dominator™ to be used on an exclusive basis with each agent being targeted.  In other words, the first agent to start marketing to a specific prospective agent is the only agent who can market to that person.  We handle exclusivity on a first-come, first-served basis.  Because of that, we recommend getting started as promptly as possible to lock in the agents you want to target.

Is this approved by my brokerage? Yes and no.  Because Attraction Dominator™ is a generic attraction system that does not mention the brand of any brokerage, it does not fall under a brokerage’s area of regulation.  Brokerages only regulate and approve the use of their brand — that’s why, when you sign up with a brokerage, there is a licensing agreement to use their brand.  But if you don’t use their brand, they don’t regulate or approve it.

How many agents must I target to get started?  You can target as few as 50 agents and as many as 1000 agents.

How many agents should I target?  It depends on how many people you want to recruit.  As a general rule of thumb, we look at recruiting as an investment strategy.  Each agent you personally recruit is likely worth $1500 to $2800 a year in earnings, and much more if he or she recruits additional agents.  So the impact of one new agent could be worth as much as $3,000 to $5,000 a year in recurring income.  The question is, how much would you invest in your organization to start growing your cash flow?  From that perspective, we typically encourage targeting more agents than fewer.  To get enough good activity, we recommend targeting at least 300 agents or more if it fits in your budget.

How much does Attraction Dominator™ cost?  It depends on how many agents you are targeting, and the more agents you target, the lower the cost per agent.  For example, it costs $157/mo to target 100 agents and $1,090 a month to target 1000 agents.

Is it realistic to start recruiting 1 to 2 agents a month in my first month?  Usually not. Attracting agents is like geographic farming — homeowners respond once they’ve seen you enough to trust you, and certain months of the year produce more listings than other months. Attracting agents is the same.  It takes a short while for them to see you enough to start trusting you and responding.  Additionally, most agents change brokers during certain times of the year, so you’ll likely get more recruits during those times than at other times.

What’s the fastest way to recruit the most agents with Attraction Dominator?  The fastest way to begin recruiting is to call the same agents you are targeting with Attraction Dominator™.  Wait until the first postcards arrive, then start calling the agents.  Attempt to live connect with each agent 2 or 3 times a year.  Ask if they got your postcard (it’s a great conversation starter), then make them comfortable with you.  The goal of the phone call is two-fold.  First, meet them — agents sign up with agents they like and trust, and meeting by phone gets them to like and trust you.  Second, get them to watch your Attraction Video — no matter what they may currently think about your brokerage, if they watch the Attraction Video they’ll become more interested in talking further.

You mentioned a demo site for eXp agents.  Is that site approved?  The demo site we show in our overview video is a site an eXp agent uses and freely allows others to use.  The agent ran the site through eXp compliance, including the comparison calculator, before turning the site live.  But keep in mind, we do not include any demo site as part of Attraction Dominator™.  We simply redirect prospects to whatever demo site you want to use.  If you are with eXp and want to use that site you can request it when you activate your account.  If you are not with eXp or have another site you prefer using, you can provide us the URL to that site when you sign up for our service and we’ll program your system to redirect prospects there.

Do I get to proof the postcards before they go out?  Yes.  All our postcards are displayed in the toggle “Review Our Postcards” on this page.  Click on the toggle and you can review and proof them.

What size are the postcards? Jumbo (6 x 8.5), printed on high quality, glossy, 100lb cover postcard paper.

How do I provide you my photo for the postcards? When you sign up for Attraction Dominator™ there is a place on the account activation Order Form where you will upload your photo as part of the sign up process.

How long does it take to get up and running? Once you sign up with us it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to acquire and/or match addresses to your list and start mailing postcards.  From there, we mail postcards every month.

Do I pay extra for printing or postage? No. Our price includes all costs — printing, postage, mailing, the Attraction Video, everything.

Are there any long-term contracts? No.  Attraction Dominator™ operates on a 3 month contract term.

Is there an affiliate program for Attraction Dominator?  Yes!  For any agents you refer (and who tell us you referred them), you’ll receive 10% of their monthly spend for the first 12 months.

Is Beatty Carmichael an eXp agent? No.  Beatty is not a real estate agent and is not affiliated with any brokerage.

How do I get started?  Getting started is simple.  Click the “Get Started Now” button on this page to being the process.

I have additional questions — what’s the best way to get them answered?  The best way to get questions answered is to email us at or call the number above.


Pricing varies depending on how many agents you plan to target.  Pricing details are explained in the “Autopilot Attraction explained” video above.  Our Full System with Attraction Cards is on a 3 month term.  Current pricing is listed in the online signup process.

Benefit charities while benefiting yourself

In addition to attracting more agents, another benefit with Attraction Dominator™ is we give back to charity!  We take a portion of every dollar you spend and give it to charities to help others less fortunate.

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