Attraction Cards™

Automatically attract agents to your Revenue Share organization…

Attraction Cards™

Automatically attract agents to your Revenue Share organization…

What are Attraction Cards?

Attraction Cards™ are a powerful way to set agent attraction on “autopilot!”  Used in conjunction with Attraction Dominator™ (click here to learn more), they automatically identify agents disgruntled with their broker and looking to change.  By knowing who is already thinking about changing brokers, you can easily attract them to join your eXp business.

To see how they work, learn pricing, and more, watch the Attraction Cards™ Overview video below.

See them in action … watch the video now


Exclusivity on a first-come, first-served basis

Attraction Cards™ are so powerful we only allow them to be used by one agent when marketing to another agent.  In other words, if three agents want to mail Attraction Cards™ to “Sue,” only the first agent who has her on his list will be able to do so.  Exclusivity is on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you desire to use Attraction Cards™, we recommend getting your list to us immediately before another agent selects some of the same agents you want to target.


Pricing is listed in the Overview video above.  Please watch for full details.

How to get started

Getting started with Attraction Cards™ is easy…

1. Decide which agents you want to target 
We can harvest a list of agents for you, or you can provide a list you create.  If we harvest the list, please have up to 4 broker website addresses from which you want us to harvest agents.  If you provide us the list, please download our List Template (next toggle below) — all we need is the agents’ names and mobile numbers.

2. Have your personal photo ready
Attraction Cards™ include a vertical headshot photo of you.

3. Complete the order form below
Click the “Get Started Now” button to complete your order form and upload your list and photo.

Questions?  Email us at

To submit your list of agents when ordering, please use our list template.  To download, “right clickthis link now and select “save link as” to save it to your computer.